About Us

Admiral Beverage Corporation operates three production facilities. The first facility (Worland, Wyoming) started production in 1947 with a twelve spout bottle filler, and has evolved to become the primary supplier of carbonated soft drinks for several distribution centers in 7 states, producing bottles, cans, bottled water, and fountain mixes. The Worland plant also ships bottled water throughout the entire mountain west.


The second production facility (Pleasant View, Utah) was opened in 1980, and supplies soft drinks in multiple package formats and fountain mixes to much of the mountain west and Alaska. In addition, Pleasant View produces the plastic preforms used in the production of bottles for both production locations, an industry first.


Combined, both production facilities employ more than 175 people in full-time positions.


Admiral Beverage Corporation acquired their third production facility in May of 2014. This site, located in Nampa, ID  was built in 2006. Nampa is a state of the art beverage factory suppling carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, and fountain mixes  throughout the Northwest.


Production begins by producing Syrup that can be used to manufacture ready-to-drink soft drinks or packaged in a Bag-In-Box configuration for use in fountain dispensers. Syrup is batched using concentrate from our Parent Companies, sweeteners from other suppliers, and water supplied and filtered by our operation.

Next, syrup is blended with water to make a non-carbonated finished mixture. This mixture is then chilled to around 34 degrees, and pumped into a system pressurized with carbon dioxide to add just the right amount of carbonation.

Filling occurs on high speed equipment with cans filled at up to 1200 cans per minute and bottles at speeds up to 500 bottles per minute. Product is then packaged and stored in our warehouses until it is loaded on transports and shipped to one of the 23 Sales Centers we operate.


The production process for bottling and canning soft drinks is a very complex and closely monitored operation, so quality is always top of mind before, during and after the production of all of our products.


Admiral Beverage and Fremont Beverages incorporate warehouse, batching, quality control and filling standards that meet or exceed industry standards. Both plants have obtained FSSC 22000 certification, meeting the ISO 22000 and 22002-TS industry standards for food safety. Both plants also consistently qualify for the top quality awards available from the Pepsi Cola Company, and have been rated Superior by the American Institute of Bakers for three years running.

Worland Production

821 Pulliam Ave

Worland WY 82401

Ogden Production

2751 North 1000 West

Ogden, UT  84412

Nampa Production

8925 Birch Ln E. Building B

Nampa, ID  83687