Salt Lake City, UT

Admiral Beverage Salt Lake City

M&M distributing is the Salt Lake based Admiral Beverage company. Here at M&M we sell both NA beverages / and Alcohol based products, which encompasses a variety of different suppliers and brands from both sides of our portfolio. Some of the stuff we pride ourselves on are our industry leading benefits, a fun, fast paced work environment, advancement, and growth opportunities from within our sales center, speed to market with new products and innovation, thematic displays, custom signage, being part of the community and using local assets to grow our business.
  1. MolsonCoors Presidents Award Winner 3 times
  2. MolsonCoors Market of Excellence Award Winner
  3. MolsonCoors 100% Quality Audit
  4. M&M is a 2+ Million Case Beer Distributor
  5. M&M is a 2+ Million Case Soda Distributor
  6. Overall Volume Growth for 10+ years

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